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Inventory | Fall / Winter 2019 Fashion Colors

作者: 盛意成纺织点击: Release Date: 2019-11-05 Author: Shengyi Textile click to:




Winter is richer
Those green leaves
Those scallions
To be replaced by fallen leaves

Multiple colors woven into the exclusive romance of autumn

It's warm gold from the sun

The leaves are reddish brown

Or the touch of blue

Colors change for you

找到摩登定义 Find the modern definition in Qiu Qiuguang

In the warm autumn time

Reveal the charm of fashion



PANTONE fashion color, which is a big metaphysics in the fashion circle, is here.
The latest 2019 autumn and winter fashion colors, the atmosphere is calm and full of unique colors, will definitely make you more brilliant in this autumn and winter, let us one by one reveal the secrets of wearing colors on the body.


   Creamy Peach / Crème de Peche


The creamy peachy French pronunciation is Crème de Peche, which is in line with French fashion in popular impressions, and often presents romantic and delicate designs with dangled mesh satin.

摇身一变小粉红 At the amfAR charity dinner, Li Yuchun wore Giambattista Valli x H & M's co-branded creamy peach cake skirt, which changed from the traditional neutral style to a small pink .


同色搭配, 保持整体的协调感,元气感十足又透着前卫的个性。 The creamy peach color in daily commuting is not difficult to control. The simplest can refer to the same color matching to maintain the overall sense of harmony, full of vigor and avant-garde personality.


奶油甜桃色西装外套 ,气场强大又不失接地气的亲和感,搭配西装裤俨然“女装大佬”既视感,换成柔和的半身裙也毫无违和感。 Like Xiao KK, I choose a creamy peachy suit jacket , which has a strong aura without losing the sense of affinity. With matching suit pants, the "women's big brother" has a visual sense, and it is not contrary to the soft skirt.


The little sister, Mould, next door, also got a popular flavor, and she took the goods for a creamy peach color.


Bluestone / Bluestone


强推的颜色, 它属于莫兰迪色系,有着灰调的静谧沉稳。 Bluestone blue is the color strongly promoted this season . It belongs to the Morandi color system and has a quiet and calm gray tone.


非典型小清新, 略微提高颜色的亮度属性,为郁郁冬日增加一丝爽朗。 On the other hand, it is atypically small and fresh, slightly increasing the brightness properties of the color, adding a touch of freshness to the melancholic winter.


Maybe a pleated blue dress with bluestone will make your autumn more sensible . In the early spring, everything will look just right.


“蓝+黑” 的配色则走进了另外一种帅气的风格圈~不同的时尚品味意味着也会有更多的配色选择~ But using the "blue + black" color scheme has entered another handsome style circle ~ Different fashion tastes mean that there will be more color schemes ~


Chili Pepper


与众不同的狂野时尚初体验。 Unlike last year's deep red pear color, this year's hot red pepper red brings a unique wild fashion first experience.


层次感与 趣味性。 This year's popular colors are all suitable for matching with the same color, using the dimensional difference of different fabrics to shape the layering and fun of the shape .


层次感与 趣味性。 This year's popular colors are all suitable for matching with the same color, using the dimensional difference of different fabrics to shape the layering and fun of the shape .


In the winter fashion week street shooting, the two sisters Bella and Gigi's wear best illustrate this popular color!


佩戴Boucheron宝诗龙珠宝走上《兰心大剧院》的首映礼红毯。 Gong Li wore Elie Saab's fall / winter 2019 gown and Boucheron jewelry on the red carpet of the premiere of "Lanxin Theatre".


  Rocky Road


榛子巧克力色。 Rcoky Road is a nut-marshmallow-chocolate frozen dessert, also known as hazelnut chocolate.

Rocky Road, which belongs to the dark color department, can't help but mature, but choose the right item to change a variety of sweet stunners, suitable for women of intellectual Yufan Fan.

The combination of slate road brown and elegant skirts is paired with long shirts and hands to reveal the dignity and calmness that matches the age.


高级感 ,色调内敛也 不容易落入俗套的性感 The slate road brown relatively reduces the perspective of the mesh, making this light and vaguely hazy beauty more advanced , and the introverted color tone is not easy to fall into the stereotypes of sexy .


开启另一种运筹帷幄的御姐模式。 The little fairy's exclusive long skirt was changed to the slate road brown in autumn and winter, which opened up another master sister mode.


Eden Green / Eden


最真实的深绿色。 The avocado green in summer becomes the rich Eden green in autumn and winter, which is the most true dark green in nature .

The forest color system can be said to be the darling of DIOR this year, and the show was almost contracted by the forest girls.

The dark green color makes people calm down. Compared with the cheerfulness of "avocado", the forest color system has a more stable connotation.


The missing shirt is lighter to wear, and it is more fashionable to wear wide-leg pants and a high collar.


穿的清透 一些,也可以选择一件森林色系的衬衫,偏深的绿色也不如浅绿色对肤色那么挑剔。 If you want to wear something more transparent , you can also choose a forest-colored shirt. Darker green is not as picky as light green.


Orange Tiger


In the dull winter, we need such a vibrant tiger orange.

跟黑色的皮革单品搭配 在一起却天生一对 The intense and hot orange tiger pattern is full of wildness , but it is a natural pair with black leather items.


The mix and match of materials also has a great impact on the overall level of LOOK . The furry top is put on smooth pants, it is worth a try


On the high-profile tiger-pattern orange, the slightly understated method is to wear it on the bottom, and the top is matched with a lower-key color


Or choose a more neutral suit item, and then use some low-saturation inner pieces to neutralize the tiger pattern orange jump

The color code of autumn and winter 2019, you need to feel this color charm quietly. 温暖起来 闪耀一季! I found myself , the color of clothing accessories is a walking postcard, and behind it is the joy and self-confidence of self-awareness, which makes this autumn and winter warm and shine!

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